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Heat Recovery Systems
As the cold weather settles in, let Carrier's Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) provide the fresh indoor weather you deserve.
Today's air-tight homes provide excellent energy efficiency. However, better insulation restricts the air exchange, trapping stale, polluted air inside your home. Without proper ventilation, dust, airborne particles and pollutants from building materials constantly recirculate throughout your home.

detail image of airflow That's why Stolhand offers Carrier's HRV.
Cutaway picture of Heat Recovery Ventilator
The high-efficiency core recovers energy from stale, indoor air and transfers heat to fresh air without mixing airstreams, while removing humidity throughout your home.

Carrier's HRV recovers heat from indoor air and transfers it to incoming, outdoor air so you can enjoy fresh, healthy air without sacrificing energy efficiency.

  1. Efficiency and comfort is ensured by the high-efficiency core which recovers up to 84% of the heat from indoor air and transfers it to the fresh incoming air.

  2. Fresh, clean air is drawn into your home through the fresh air port. The air filter removes large particles of dust and dirt prior to entering your home's air filter and air distribution system.

  3. Stale, polluted air is expelled from your home through the exhaust port which is connected to your return air distribution system.

  4. Quiet comfort and energy savings are provided by the motor which efficiently moves air through the system.

  5. Fresh, outdoor air is cleaned by the filter prior to entering your living space.

  6. Energy saving and added system reliability is provided by the damper defrost. By periodically recirculating indoor air when temperatures drop below 23 degrees, the damper defrost helps prevent frost from forming, eliminating the need for energy-consuming supplementary electric defrost that can be found on competitive models.

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