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Humidifiers Help Your Home
diagram of humidifier

Make yourself comfortable
with Carrier. It's easy.
Just choose the Carrier
quality humidifier that
fits your needs. You
and your family will
be more comfortable.
  1. Top and bottom pad access is versatile and eliminates dangers caused by exposed wires that many competitive brands have.
  2. 24V DC solenoid valve precisely regulates water flow for even distribution over pad.
  3. Lightweight thermoplastic construction is impact and high temperature resistant
  4. Adjustable humidistat so you can control the moisture level in your home.
humidifier with filter displayed Indoor winter air can be so dry that it's irritating to your family - and your furnishings. Without adequate moisture wood shrinks - and sometimes cracks. Glued joints can dry out and separate. Carpet and upholstery fibers become more vulnerable to wear.
Help put and end
to dry, itchy skin
with a Carrier Humidifier.

Our humidifiers reduce irritating static electricity and replenish moisture in the air which can revitalize your plants, woodwork and furnishings.
Even the wood in the framing of your home - including framing around windows and doors - may shrink. That can cause cracks that let in the winter wind, increasing your heating costs.

images showing reasons to use a humidifier

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